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Church Grants has been reflecting on how best to support churches, beyond our excellent online funder database, and have come up with a brand new concept called Kickstarter.

Based on decades of fundraising with churches, our Kickstarter kit has been designed to support your fundraising needs, whatever they are. Whether you are a complete novice to fundraising, you know a little or you know a lot – the Kickstarter will help you plan better, find more funders and raise more money.

We have pooled all our knowledge and experience from over 35 years collectively working with churches into one a-stop shop church fundraising toolkit.

The Kickstarter

The Church Grants Kickstarter kit will give you all the tools you need to take your church fundraising to the next level and will coach you to optimise the income you can raise from:

  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Congregational Giving
  • The wider local community and local companies
  • Legacy Giving
  • Running a successful capital project

As part of the Kickstarter kit you will also receive:

  • A year's subscription to the Church Grants database.
  • A well-tested ‘case for support’ trust application structure that you can use to apply for funding.
  • An income strategy and gift table template.
  • Access to over 200 minutes of filmed videos created by Church Grants explaining 'How to prepare for a Capital Appeal', 'How to create a Case of Support' and 'How to apply to Trust & Foundations.'
  • An initial 90-minute coaching call (zoom or call) with our team meeting to assess your fundraising needs, what your next steps should be, and how to make use of our materials.
  • A 90-minute follow-up call to gauge how successful these steps have been and to recommend further actions.

"Thank you so much, the Kickstarter was extremely helpful. I can actually see us moving forward now for the first time in ages." CEO, Women on the Frontline

How much is a Kickstarter?

The complete Kickstarter kit is available for the one-off cost of £750.00

VAT not applicable.

How can I get a Kickstarter?

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