Welcome to Church Grants. This site is designed specifically to support people with a lot, a little or no expertise in fundraising who need to raise money for their Church or Christian organisation.

Our goal is to save you time - both the time spent searching online for funders and time spent applying to funders that aren't suitable for your project. We want you to raise more funding and to diversify your income streams beyond the usual big names. Our search engine highlights both national and local funding opportunities.

We have indexed hundreds of UK trusts and foundations that you would not find anywhere else, all of which have funded church or Christian projects before. The emphasis is on local funders because the chances of success are much higher, but we include all the major national funders, including the Lottery.

The team behind Chuch Grants are experienced church fundraisers with decades of fundraising prospect research experience. We have included the best and most relevant funding opportunities for you.

The site is designed to be very straightforward to use. Once you have subscribed and signed in, select your county and tick the boxes that apply to your project, and as you do so, the site will generate the results on the right hand side of your screen. You can search as many times as you like, and your searches are saved so you can refer back to them.

The funders are arranged by English counties. The only exception to this is London, where the results are subdivided by London Borough, because London is a big place and there are a lot of funders with very tight geographical restrictions. If you are a Welsh church there is one option for 'Wales'.

We would love to hear how you found the Church Grants site and whether it helped you raise funding for your church or organisation.

You can contact us at info@churchgrants.co.uk.

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