In our collective 35 years of church fundraising experience, we have never known a tougher time to try and raise funds for church projects. In a funding landscape scarred by post-Covid recovery and the cost-of-living squeeze, we are seeing funding streams across the sector shrink, re-prioritise or even close. But let us remain positive.

We are the Christian Church. We do amazing works in our communities and people of faith, some or none do really value our presence and impact in our towns, villages and cities.

What is a Fundraising Feasibility Study?

If you have or are considering a large church fundraising capital appeal are you confident in knowing where the money will come from? Fundraising Feasibility Studies are a great process of researching and analysing all the potential funding available for your ‘project’. Ultimately, you need to determine either

  1. Is it feasible to raise all the money needed for the whole project?
  2. Or is it feasible to raise all the money for a distinct phase of the project?

We work with churches to analyse two key areas of income opportunity these are ‘internal’ and ‘external’.

The first step on your fundraising journey is to determine what income you can generate from internal means. Internal income could include:

  • Legacies
  • Assets
  • Reserves
  • The church family

We usually support churches in exploring all these potential pump priming options for your campaign.

All external income streams are going to want to see a significant percentage of whatever project you are working on raised before you approach them. Major donors, Trusts and Corporations are more likely to give you funding, or gifts-in-kind if you can demonstrate that you have raised a good chunk from internal sources first. We work with churches to explore the following external income opportunities relevant to their individual project:

  • Trust & Foundations
  • Major Donors
  • Corporates
  • Statutory

To support your fundraising endeavours we also recommend creating compelling cases of support and graphically designed fundraising collateral.

Read more about Fundraising Feasibility Studies (PDF)

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